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Here is the news from the start of the site till the end of 2002. I dunno what you're doing here, but hey! old news can still be good news!

Sunday 7 December 2003

It seems I finally put up the 'new' version of the site. A short summary of what has changed:

Friday 8 August 2003

I'll be on holiday from now till August 23rd, so any emails will not be answered until after I come back.

Saturday 2 August 2003

I'm currently redesigning the whole Citadel, so if there is *anything* on the site you want to have changed/added/corrected/removed/whatever,

Anonymous comments/etc are accepted, just fill in 'anonymous' for both name & email.

Saturday 19 April 2003

Yay! An update...
Ticaios assembled some nice lot of Greek myths plus a family tree. You can go to his site to download it.

Saturday 3 August 2002

Finally there's a Desktop Theme for Zeus! Susan was so kind to send me a copy of it to put in the downloads section of my site. You can download it here via FilePlanet :) Comments on it can be emailed to her.

Monday 22 July 2002

Well, I'm back for more than a week already & I'm finally totally up to date. Nothing new here to report apart from the fact that CBC is holding a Poseidon contest which runs till July 31, so if you want to join you have to be quick!

Friday 28 June 2002

No update, but a note that I'm going on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks. Any questions/problems/suggestions emailed to me won't be answered until after July 14.

Sunday 16 June 2002

Deep in my emailbox was this:

Ogre's Network, a gaming network developed by PC gamers, for PC gamers, has announced the launch of their latest fan site, City Builders, dedicated to the City-Builder game series, developed by Impressions Games & Breakaway Games, and published by Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

City Builders will offer a community for fello city builders to interact and gain information in regards to the games in the City Building series. City Builders will offer coverage of all games since the 1998 release, Caesar III. We will even offer some coverage of the upcoming City Builder game, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, which is slated to be released in Fall 2002.

Ogre's Network -
City Builders -

Edit: site doesn't exist anymore

Monday 13 May 2002

Finally! An update!
A new housing block takes up residence in my housing blocks section. Kleanthes' Common City Block can be seen here.

Wednesday 10 April 2002

Just out of curiousity how my "simple" site would score amongst all those heavy flash sites, I submitted my site to the Golden Web Awards. To my surprise, I got an email yesterday saying that I won an award! Proudly displaying it on the left :)
(removed in the new design @ Oct 2002)

Thursday 28 March 2002

Vinvin has set up a great Zeus newsletter quite a while ago. Now he has made a website for his newsletter, which you can view here. If you want to sign up for the newsletter, you can do so by sending Vinvin an email.
(links removed: newsletter doesn't exist anymore)

Saturday 9 March 2002

Impressions and BreakAway announced their next Citybuilder nearly a month ago: Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, set in Ancient China (yes, I'm late with updating but it has a reason). Check the official website for more info, and hop then to my new Emperor site: The Great Wall.

Tuesday 19 February 2002

Updated the hotkeys section with the hotkeys for the adventure editor.

Monday 11 February 2002

I added the trireme/frigate wharf to the Food & Industries section and made a few minor further changes there.

Friday 1 February 2002

A new housing block added to the housing blocks section: Gus' Zeus Elite Block: 26 estates in one block.

Sunday 27 January 2002

A major news update:
1. This site is now proudly hosted at the GameSpy Network!
2. added Nefermenus building tables to the building data, his tables have the actual appeal values and combine (nearly) all building data in one table
3. added a risk table to the building data
4. enhanced the Food & Industries section with little pictures of the resources
5. added the yearly food/goods consumption to the Consumption Rates
6. added a Tax Rate Multiplier table to the Taxes section, so you don't have to look them up in the housing tables
7. added the Crime Risk Increments for Poseidon to the housing data: I found out that they are not the same as in Zeus
8. I updated the god pics in the Sanctuary Construction
9. New section: hotkeys: what key can you use for what purpose in the game?
10. Last but not least: another new section: Walkers: what people move around in my city and why are they walking there? Including pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

Sunday 30 December 2001

Again a Poseidon housing block added, Mattizme's common block for Poseidon, see it here.
And... a holiday gift: 5 extra wallpapers, with the heroes and monsters from Poseidon.

Saturday 22 December 2001

I completed the Consumption Rates, and updated the Food & Industries section with the blessings of the gods.

Thursday 20 December 2001

2 Elite blocks added to the housing blocks, one for Zeus and one for Poseidon

Thursday 13 December 2001

Again a few Poseidon blocks, 2 elite blocks this time :)

Wednesday 12 December 2001

Yes, I'm lazy and hardly have any Poseidon housing blocks, thanks KP for rubbing that in again ;)
Anyway, I made a block myself and modified 2 zeus common blocks into Poseidon Blocks, check them out here!

Wednesday 28 November 2001

Vinvin has started a Zeus/Poseidon newsletter and what I've seen of it: it looks really nice. The first letter can be seen here. Sign-up by sending an email to!
(link removed, newsletter doesn't exist enymore)

Sunday 25 November 2001

Hippodrome data is finished.
Yeah, I know I'm short on housing blocks for Poseidon. Most Zeus ones can be modified however to make Poseidon blocks. When I have the time, I'll modify some of the Zeus ones into Poseidon ones.

Wednesday 14 November 2001

Because you (nearly) all voted for the new navigation bar: here it is! I hope you enjoy it, it was loads of work to update all 70 pages...
I also modified the building data section. Since the cost of a building is the only thing that changes with difficulty, there are now only 3 pages instead of 5: building cost, building size and building appeal.
I also added an entertainment page, with the points a house gets for each type of entertainment walker.

Thursday 8 November 2001

New housing block added (MarvL's Palace Block) and some minor changes to some pages.

Wednesday 17 October 2001

The first Poseidon block is online! Check out VinVin's Common Block for Poseidon here.

Sunday 14 October 2001

Homegrown let me know that the marble & wood needed for sanctuaries is different in Poseidon. Check here to see the updated data

Friday 5 October 2001

My site made it to the Italian press! Check this Poseidon preview in Italian, and especially the bottom of the page with useful links :)
(link outdated)

Tuesday 2 October 2001

Housing Blocks! A whoppy total of 29 blocks is online now, will your block be the 30th??

Sunday 30 September 2001

The Food & Industry section is finally finished :)

Friday 28 September 2001

The Food & Industry is updated

Sunday 23 September 2001

The Enemy Section is finished, and I added a guestbook, don't forget to sign it!

Saturday 22 September 2001

Added a few things to the Food & Industry Section, and the promised 2nd set of wallpapers is online

Thursday 20 September 2001

Enemy figures are heavily updated with pictures of all enemies, thanks Laocon for the tip!

Tuesday 18 September 2001

Updated the enemy figures, section is still under construction, but there are already bribe costs for land invasions

Sunday 16 September 2001

Started with the Industry section, will finish that this week (I hope)

Thursday 13 September 2001

Announced my site on the ImpressionsGames and Zeus Heaven forums.

Saturday 8 September 2001

Added the figure model data, enemy figures, walker speeds, workers, wages, taxes and cheats, and I can promise the second set of wallpapers within two weeks :)

Sunday 2 September 2001

The building model data section is finally finished, and I finally found a working counter

Thursday 30 August 2001

Added the housing model data, the downloads and the first set of wallpapers

Wednesday 29 August 2001

Added the first pages: index page, Sanctuary & Pyramid construction and Heroes

Monday 27 August 2001

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