There are quite a few keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys in the game to ease your play.

1Select Population Tab Hit
2Select Husbandry Tab
3Select Industry Tab
4Select Distribution Tab
5Select Hygiene/SafetyTab
6Select Administration Tab
7Select Culture/Science Tab
8Select Mythology Tab
9Select Military Tab
0Select Aesthetics Tab
-Select Overview Tab
TABView Overview Map, press again for information area
Shft+(1-4)Bookmark company of soldiers/ships after selecting them
1-4Select bookmarked companies (you already need to have at least one military company selected)
Ctrl+(F1-F4)Bookmark a location in your city
F1-F4Go to a bookmark in your city
F5View game in Windowed Mode
F6Set resolution to 800x600
F7Set resolution to 1024x768
RRotate building's footprint
MFreeze building's footprint
PPause game, press again to resume
[Decrease game speed by 10%
]Increase game speed by 10%
SpaceSwitch between normal view and special view (overlays)
HomeReorient city due north
PgUpRotate city counterclockwise
PgDnRotate city clockwise
Arrow keysScroll map
Alt-X or EscExit game
Ctrl+Alt+CBring up the cheat box
ScrollwheelIf you have a mouse with a scroll-wheel, you can scroll up and down through the tabs with it.
Adventure editor hotkeys
Ctrl+(F1-F4)Bookmark a location on the map
F1-F4Go to a bookmark on the map
HomeReorient due north
PgUpRotate map counterclockwise
PgDnRotate map clockwise
SpaceToggle grid on/off
Ctrl+left clickRemove scrub, earthquake, lava, flood and quarry
+, -In elevation touch up mode, changes the touch up height box
Alt+dToggle ability to scroll beyond the map edge
Alt+zRefresh terrain