Consumption Rates

Food and goods are stored in Granaries and Storehouses. One "cartload" in a storehouse/granary means 100 "units" in an agora. Data on this page is in units.


Each occupant of a house at level shack or better eats food, 0.25 units per month.

Each house at homestead or better consumes fleece, 2 units/month.
Each house at apartment or better consumes olive oil, also 2 units/month.
Manors and Estates also consume wine (as good nobles do), again 2 units per month

Estates stock a maximum of 4 horses for use in battle. These horses also need to eat! They eat as much as one person does: 0.25 units/month or 3 units/year.

The table below shows how many goods a fully populated house consumes per month and per year:
(Estates include 4 horses)

Housing Per month Per year
Food Fleece Olive oil Wine Food Fleece Olive Oil Wine
Common Housing
Hut ---- ----
Shack 4--- 36---
Hovel 6--- 72---
Homestead 82-- 9624--
Tenement 102-- 12024--
Apartment 1222- 1442424-
Townhouse 1522- 1802424-
Elite Housing
Residence 122- 122424-
Mansion 222- 242424-
Manor 4222 48242424
Estate 6222 72242424