Food & Industries

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Farms: Carrots , Onions , Wheat

Farms are 3x3 buildings which must be placed with at least one tile on meadow.
There are 3 types of farms: wheat farms, onion farms and carrot farms. Wheat farms harvest in July, onion and carrot farms in April. If the farm was fully staffed the last year, a deliveryman will come out of the farm at harvest time with 8 loads of food.

Demeter can bless your Farms; if she does, the farm produces 12 loads instead of 8.


Dairy: Goats → Cheese

The dairy produces cheese from goat-milk. Each dairy can support up to 8 goats, which can be milked once a year. The goats must be placed on meadow, the dairy itself not. The distance between the dairy and the goats can maximal be 40 tiles.
When you first place goats, they are ready to be milked 6 months after you placed them.

Carding shed: Sheep → Fleece

Carding sheds work just the same as dairies, except that the sheep produce fleece. Sheep are also ready to be shorn 6 months after you placed them and can't be farther than 40 tiles away.

Sheep and goats can be sacrificed to the gods. When a sheep/goat is taken away, eventually a new one is born, but if you have more sanctuaries in the city, you occasionally need to replenish your herd.

Athena can bless your Carding Shed; if she does, the shed produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Corral: Cattle → Meat (Poseidon only)

Corrals and cattle work a little different. Each corral can also support 8 cattle, which are converted into 2 loads of meat when they are 1 year old. Some of the cattle (usually 1 per corral) are bulls, who can be sacrificed to the gods. The corral will slaughter 6-7 cattle per year, producing 12-14 loads of meat.
When a cow is slaughtered, a new calve is born in the corral and later taken to the herd. If a bull is sacrificed, however, you need to place a new cow in the meadow.
The first cattle placed are ready to be slaughtered after 6 months.

Hera can bless your Corral; if she does, the corral produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

A note about all herding: if you have two places of meadow in your city, be sure to place all animals of one species on one meadow! The workers of the above buildings will go to a randomly selected animal, and it's useless if they have to walk all over the map to get to the animals, production rates will decrease significantly.

You can fence the animals in to keep them from wandering all over the meadow. You can wall them in with real walls and a gatehouse, but also with olive trees/vines/orange trees. Another solution is to place a road with roadblocks all around them: animals can't walk across roadblocks.


Growers' Lodge: Olives and Grapes

A growers' lodge sends out one person to tend the olives and/or grapes that are in the city, so be sure to plant the olive trees and grapevines close to each other. When the trees are planted early enough in the growing season, they reach the maximum of 100% at harvest time.
Grapes are harvested in October-December and olives in January-March. The growers' lodge sends out 3 harvesters in the harvest time to get the fruits. Be sure to have a storehouse accepting grapes/olives nearby: the growers' lodge can only have 5 loads of both in stock. If there are more fruits harvested after those 5, they will be thrown away.

I recommend disconnecting the growers' lodges from the rest of the city with Olive Presses and Wineries, as deliverymen prefer to bring their harvested fruits to industries, even if they are across the town!
When the growers' lodge is reasonably close to the vines/olive trees, and very close to a storehouse accepting olives/grapes, it can have an output of about 20 grapes and 20 olives/year.

Orange Tenders' Lodge: Oranges (Poseidon only)

Orange tenders' lodges work the same as growers' lodges, but I recommend to have 1 lodge per 10-15 trees since you don't want to waste any oranges: you need to harvest enough to feed your people the whole year! In theory, a lodge can support up to about 28 oranges, but there has to be an empty granary next door then.

Hera can bless your Orange Tenders' Lodge; if she does, the lodge produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Hunting Lodge: Boar and deer → Meat (Pork)

Each hunting lodge in your city sends out 3 hunters to hunt down any boar or deer (deer = Poseidon only). A hunting lodge close to the boar/deer spawn point can hunt down about 15 animals/year, thus can provide 15 loads of pork/meat per year. But there is only one new boar/deer born a month after another one was killed, so the maximum of meat per year is 11-12 loads per spawn point.

Artemis can bless your Hunting Lodge; if she does, the lodge produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.


Fishing Wharf: Fish

When you place a fishing wharf along the waterside, the workers will begin to build a fishing boat. Once they are finished, the boat will sail out to the closest fishing grounds, haul in fish, and return to get the catch to the fishery.

If the fishing grounds are very close to the fishing wharf (1-4 tiles), it will produce a maximum of 12-13 loads of fish every year. If the fishing spot is a little farther away (10-20 tiles) they will maximally fish about 8-10 loads per year.

Poseidon can bless your Fishing Wharf; if he does, the fishing wharf produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Urchin Quay: Urchins

Urchin Quays send out divers to get the prickly urchins out of the water. Urchin Quays have the same production rate as fisheries: if the urchin spot is very close they'll produce about 12-13 urchins/year, if the urchins are somewhat farther away they'll dive up about 8-10 loads.

Poseidon can bless your Urchin Quay, if he does, the urchin quay produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.


Foundry: Copper ore → Bronze

If your city is blessed with copper ore bearing rock, you might be able to mine bronze. Bronze can be used to make armor or sculptures. Foundries, when fully staffed, send out 3 miners who dig in the rock for about ¾ month to collect the bronze. Each rock can only support one miner at a time. Each miner mines 25 units of bronze each time, and when a foundry has collected 100 units, they convert it into 1 load of bronze.
When a foundry is only a few tiles from the ore bearing rock, it can produce a maximum of 13 loads/year. If the foundry is farther away, production rate will decrease due to walking distance.

Hades can bless your Foundry; if he does, the foundry produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Mint: Silver ore → money

If your city has rock with silvery things on it, you can probably mine silver. Mints work in some kind of the same way as foundries and refineries, but they need 200 silver to produce 100 drachmas. So one mint can maximal produce 600-700 drachmas per year, which decreases when the mint is farther from the silver rocks.

Hades can bless your Mint; if he does, the mint produces 400 drachmas once instead of only 100.

Refinery: Orichalc ore → Orichalc (Poseidon only)

Orichalc is the mysterious mineral used by the Atlanteans to decorate buildings and to equip towers and frigates with the deadly Atlantean Fire.
Orichalc is mined in exactly the same way as bronze, with the same production rates.

Atlas can bless your Refinery; if he does, the refinery produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Timber Mill: Wood

Timber mills work in the same principle as foundries: each wood chopper brings back 25 timber and 100 timber is one plank of wood. They cut one tree in about ¾ month, but after that, the tree has to grow back, and that takes about 3 months. If you have enough trees on your map that isn't really a problem.
Timber mills can produce a maximum of 12-13 planks of wood per year, which (again) decreases when the mill is farther away from trees.

Atlas can bless your Timber Mill; if he does, the timber mill produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.


Masonry Shop: Marble

If you see a flat, rock-like thing on your map, you can probably produce marble. Marble can be used for building sanctuaries and pyramids. Masonry shops send out a man with a pick-ax to hew a huge block of marble out of the quarry, which is later converted into 8 slabs of marble. The man needs 2 months to hew out a big block, and it takes about a month to produce one slab of marble. The masonry shop sends the hewer out when it only has 3 slabs of marble left, and therefore the Masonry Shop needs to be within 25 tiles of the marble quarry to produce the maximum output: 12 slabs/year.

If you have the Pillar of Atlas built, the miners will get the large block of marble quicker out of the quarry.

Black Marble Workshop: Black Marble (Poseidon only)

Black marble workshops works just like the masonry shop, with the only difference that they produce black marble instead of the normal white marble. Black marble can be used for Pyramids and export only.

If you have the Pillar of Atlas built, the miners will get the large block of marble quicker out of the quarry.


Olive Press: Olives → Olive Oil

Olives are made into nice and valuable olive oil at the olive press. Olives can be imported or grown in the city, olive oil is used by your citizens and can be exported too. The production rate of an olive press when fully staffed is 6 loads of oil per year.

Athena can bless your Olive Press; if she does, the press produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Winery: Grapes → Wine

The same goes for wineries: grapes are turned into wine for your elite housing or for export. The production rate is also 6 loads per year.

Dionysus can bless your Wineries; if he does, the winery produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Sculpture Studio: 4 Bronze → Sculpture

To make one sculpture, you'll need 4 loads of bronze. Sculptures are used to build sanctuaries and for export. Some pyramids use sculptures too. When there's a storehouse with enough bronze nearby, the studio can produce 6 sculptures per year. If a storehouse is farther away, the production rate will decrease because the studio needs all 4 bronze before they'll start making the sculpture.

Hephaestus can bless your Sculpture Studio; if he does, the studio produces 4 sculptures once instead of only 1.

Military Workshops

Armory: Bronze → Armor

Armories work the same as wineries and olive presses. They can maximally produce 6 loads of armor per year. Armor is used by the hoplites and horsemen in your elite housing, but can also be exported.

Hephaestus can bless your Armory; if he does, the armory produces 4 loads once instead of only 1.

Horse Ranch: Horses

Horse ranches produce horses which can be used for your military and in Poseidon for the hippodrome. Horse Ranches need wheat to produce horses. Breeding one horse costs 50 units of wheat, and each horse in the horse ranch eats 10 units of wheat. Therefore, if you are short on wheat, it is essential to move the horses as soon as they are bred to a horse trainer, chariot factory or hippodrome.
Horse ranches produce 6 horses per year; one in each even month (February, April, etc)

Poseidon can bless your Horse Ranch; if he does, the horse ranch will breed 4 extra horses in less than a month.

Chariot Factory: Chariots (Atlantean adventures only)

To get your Elite housing in Poseidon up to estate level, you need to give them Chariots. Chariots are made in the chariot factory. A chariot needs a horse and wood to be produced. It has a maximum output of 6 chariots per year.

Trireme Wharf (Greece) / Frigate Wharf (Atlantis)

Workers at a trireme wharf or frigate wharf build a mighty warship from wood and armor. It takes 2 loads of wood and 2 loads of armor to produce a trireme/frigate, and frigates need a delivery of 1 load of orichalc to be able to launch the deadly Atlantean Fire.
When a ship is finished, the wharf tries to hold 3 loads of both armor and wood in stock to be able to rebuild a ship if it has sunk.