Housing Blocks

The building of a city starts with a common housing block, and later in the adventure you mostly have to build elite houses.
Housing blocks are groups of houses which share the same facilities like agora, culture/science, water, tax offices.

Some people like to design their own blocks, others use the blocks those people design. Each block has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you use is a personal decision.

Most blocks here are taken from the thread "My Favorite Housing Blocks" on the Zeus Heaven forum and all are generated with a modified version of the Housing Block Generator by Angel Jayhawk.

You can see the legend for all the images here.

If you use a block you don't see here, you can send it to me, either the input code of the housing block generator, or in an excel worksheet, or just send me a saved game with the block in it. If you send a save, please zip it to reduce its size.

Zeus Common Housing blocks

Zeus Elite Housing blocks

Zeus Mixed Housing blocks

Other blocks

Poseidon Housing Blocks

Poseidon Housing Blocks modified from Zeus ones