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Hi, I like the site, it's well presented, and has lots of good information, as a newbie to the game, I'm sure I will be paying plenty more visits, good luck :)
Great, most information of any site. Thank you
Dr Tay Wee Sen
love your website. I am newbie to game.

Nice site!! The Gods smile upon its greatness :)
With Grumpus gone, I think your page is by far the best Zeus/Poseidon site. I haven't updated mine in ages, but there is no need to do it, since yours is so great!!!!! Keep up the updates!
J. Donald Hogland
Thank you for creating this site.

I love playing all the Zeus games and this is a very welcome place for me to come visit. Hope you keep up the great work in the future.
Hi! I think your site is very good and complete, but the information you have here isn't for more advanced players but for newbies (Which isn't bad at all, so, Don't worry!) but you should think about adding more of that information. Keep up the good work!
What a lot of hard work! It's so nice to see someone who loves Zeus/Poseidon as much as you so obviously do. I'm 'bookmarking' youfor future reference. Thanks.

Standing on Guard for Thee.
A very good site, useful info and well laid out. Thanks.
Brad (The Stranger)
You really have a nice site here :-) A lot of information that is easy to get at. I like the bribery calculations section especially. It's so comforting to know more or less who my money is going to...;-0
Margaret Lee
great site, found lots that helped, except in what to do when you can not get the hero at all.
Another trick: When monster attacks building, clear it. After monster leaves, undo. Works also versus gods.
Danny Eckles
Great Site
Alberto Romero Arenas
Hi.. Well I must said I just was searching for pics of Poseidon and found this site!!! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!! I'm going to buy the game inmeadetly!!!!!! Your images and pics are faboulus!!!!! Just if you place like a gallery of gods, heroes and monsters will be greater!!!!! Each character separate in a good position.
Anthony Gower
hi i havent looked through the site yet but from what i see it loks excellent and im a newbie to the game so am loking forward to finding more about it
Cai Bawden
Great web site. Could be mistaken for the official web site.
harry cleese
Great site! It would be nice to have hit points for monsters also.
Richard a.k.a aRes GOD
Great site!

P.S. Where can u buy Posseidon in the U.K.?
This is the best Poseidon Site that I have seen so far! It is plain, but has all the information anybody could want. Congratulations!

Just make your tables a little easier to understand, the a b c d e f g business is very confusing. You also could put a funny screenshot page up that we can submit to.
Sunshine Jones
What a wonderful site. It is really zooming! My english is nore so good, but I'm learning.

It is really nice to find a site that goes as in-depth as this one does. Why just the other day I was looking for a site for another of my games, Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure, and there is nothing! Anyway's I'm ever watchful, as was Argus, for other scenarios. (Argus was the giant with hundreds of eyes that guarded Io)
Javier Gomez-LaVin
Great site, awesome housing blocks!!! You guys sure know a lot!!!

Once again, COOL SITE :-)!!!
Keith Routenburg
I was looking for Pictures of Poseidon and I found your website. It looks great. I have been playing Zeus and Poseidon ever since it was put out on the market. The Best game ever!
Hi~ I am Korean. My English is very poor

sorry -_-;;

I think this site is very very Wonderful

Housing Blocks page is very GooD~

Thanks for my speech....-_-;;

Good bye~~

PS. Korea Team Fighting~
This game is the best.I will buy this game.
The Illustrious Grand Pooka
Your site makes a flustered city builder feel like a cloud of ambrosia.
Exellent site. I've had Zeus & Poseidon for a while now, and I can say that this site is very useful. The stats are a great help in my future city planning. This site is going to be bookmarked. Thanks for taking the time to get and post all this info.
Richard a.k.a r god
What can I say? Great site!
Christopher Wainwright
Good site,hope to visit again1:-)
Margaret Churchill (ladymags)
Another great fan site
You have done an amazing job with this site. Very nice and useful information. However, I did have a problem getting the housing blocks to completely load. Well, have to try over and over again. Great job!!!