A high-evolved city can get a lot of money from taxes. Especially the Elite Houses pay a lot of tax.

To collect taxes, you need a palace in the city, a Clerk from a tax office goes out to collect taxes.

Each person pays tax if his house is passed by a clerk. The type of house in which he lives determines how many tax he is paying.

Taxes are calculated in the following way:

tax rate multiplier * people * tax rate = tax per month

The tax rate multiplier (TRM) depends on housing level and difficulty level and can be found in the table below; the tax rate is the same for every difficulty level:

Tax RateNumber
Very low0.03
Very high0.15

Table with all tax rate multipliers:

Tax Rate Multiplier
Beginner Mortal Hero Titan Olympian
Common Housing
Hut 11111
Shack 11111
Hovel 11111
Homestead 22212
Tenement 22222
Apartment 22222
Townhouse 22222
Elite Housing
Residence 2218161412
Mansion 2218161412
Manor 2218161412
Estate 2218161412


You are playing on Mortal, you have 200 people living in Huts, 800 in Townhouses and 100 in Estates. Your tax rate is set on Normal and you want to know how many tax you get per year:

Huts: TRM = 1
1*200*0.09*12 months = 216
Townhouse: TRM = 2
2*800*0.09*12 = 1728
Estates: TRM = 18
18*100*0.09*12 = 1944


So you get 3888 drachmas tax per year.

Tax Rate & City Sentiment

The tax rate has of course an effect on your people: if you let them pay very high taxes, they won't be happy at all, if you don't ask any taxes, they'll be happy.
This sentiment depends on difficulty level.

Tax Rate BeginnerMortalHeroTitanOlympian
None 74321
Very low 53211
Low 31100
Normal 20000
High 00-1-2-3
Very high -1-2-3-4-5
Outrageous -2-4-5-6-7